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Контактные Л линзы Киев


Если Вы купите линзы на сумму от 500 гривен, то в Киеве для Вас доставка бесплатно!

При покупке до 500 гривен - доставка курьером 50 гривен.
Или можно забрать товар у нас в офисе на Братиславской, 7.

Доставка по Украине только по предоплате, осуществляется Новой Почтой и оплачивается покупателем.


Наличная и безналичная.

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Кольорові контактні лінзи Angelic Eye

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The coloured contact lenses of Angelic Eye  are the South-Korean, quality product assisting the correction of sight and change of look of searching user. Do you know, what eyes for unearthly angels? Interpretation of designers from ophthalmology in truth impresses. A dark rim round a cornea will give the look of expressiveness, fortypercent maintenance of water in lenses will add a comfort, the brilliant myriads of fiery sparks that is inculcated in the body of lens will do inconceivable intermingling with wonderful! For the valuable protracted carrying of lenses it is necessary after exploitation to place them in a container with clearing solution. The coloured lenses are counted on a year and in Kyiv, buying them is possible rarely enough. The blue, green and grey colors of Angelic Eye Mesmerize Blue, Angelic Eye Mesmerize Grin, Eye Mesmerize Gray, are most widespread.

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